Leeds East Airport storage planning use

Selby District Council Planning Enforcement team have provided the following information relating to planning permission for the use of Leeds East Airport for outside storage and distribution:

  • Planning Permission 2019/0927/COU grants planning permission for outside storage and distribution and it not restricted to storage and distribution of motor vehicles.  As such, the temporary use of land for the storage of pallets and beer barrels falls within the scope/terms of Planning Permission 2019/0927/COU.  Consequently, no material change of use for which formal planning permission is required had occurred and therefore it follows that no breach of planning control had occurred.
  • Planning Permission 2019/0927/COU, does not contain any specific planning condition restricting the number of vehicles that can enter or exist the site per day.
  • Condition 06 of planning permission 2019/0927/COU, which states:  “Delivery or dispatch of motor vehicles in connection with the use hereby permitted shall only take place between the hours of 07.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday.”   is specific to the delivery and dispatch of motor vehicles and therefore does not affect any vehicle connected with any other outside storage or distribution use or storage use of buildings onsite.



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