Tadcaster Fire Service – Chimney Fire Safety advice

▪Get your chimney swept before the colder weather sweeps in so you’re ready for those cosy nights by the fire. #ChimneyFireSafety

▪When did you last get your chimney swept? It reduces the chance of fire so don’t put it off! #ChimneySweep.

▪Where do you store your wood fuel? Avoid stacking logs next to your appliance #ReadytoBurn #ChimneyFireSafety

▪Do you use an open fire or a stove? Think about getting your chimney swept before the weather turns cooler #ChimneyFireSafety

▪If you have an open fire make sure ash and embers are cold before putting them in a wheelie bin #ChimneyFireSafety

▪It’s really important to have chimneys swept to reduce the chances of them catching fire.  #ChimneyFireSafety

▪Always use an appropriate fireguard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers #ChimneyFireSafety

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