Playground re-opening Saturday 25th July – Covid-19 requirements

Ulleskelf Childrens Playground will be reopened on Saturday 25th July 2020. It will be open at 09:00 each day once daily sanitisation has been carried out.

There are some restrictions and requirements that need to be adhered to in order to enforce the COVID 19 Risk Assessment (RA).   ( Click here  to see the full risk assessment)

There will be ample signage to guide you all in keeping it a safe environment for all users, we are depending on Parents/guardians to police their own children whilst playing in the park.

Please inform your children of the main points taken from the RA. General points are listed below.

Guidance for families that plan to visit the playground safely:

• If the playground facility has not yet officially been opened (09:00hrs), please do not attempt to use, or access the equipment or area. Parents/Guardians must be present to ensure guidelines are adhered to and Children supervised.

• Do not remove any temporary barriers/tape in the playground or plastic coverings that have been placed to put them out of use.

• Follow the current social distance guidelines when visiting and encourage your children to do the same. Stay in your household groups/Social Bubbles, keep a 2m distance from others.

• If the playground is busy, consider coming back at a later time. Talk to your children about this possibility before visiting. Try and keep play time to 30 minutes to allow others to use.

• Wash your and your children’s hands before and after visiting. Use hand sanitiser and use regularly to clean hands and surfaces. Wear facemasks and surgical gloves to increase protection.

• Follow and adhere to all current government advice in addition to the above guidance and pay attention to all information & signage

• The playground is designed for toddlers and children up to 12 years old. It is not a meeting place for teenagers, loitering can not be tolerated and children without a Parent/Guardian will be politely asked to move on.

• Hand Sanitiser will be made available for children to use to sanitise under supervision of their parents/guardians as well as for supervised equipment cleaning.

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